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Do you accept FSA / HSA funds to purchase massage?
A person with a prescription from their primary care physician (PCP) for massage can submit our massage therapy service for reimbursement.  A PCP can write a prescription for massage to cover several physical and mental issues including stress, anxiety, depression, back pain, and carpal tunnel to name a few.
What is the minimum number of massage therapists you will send on site?

There is no minimum, we will send out one massage therapist or a group depending on your kneads.

What is the minimum duration of a visit from knead?
We require a 2 hour minimum for massage services to send knead on site.
How long is each massage?
We typically provide 15 minute and 30 minute massages.  Please note there is approximately 1 minute of prep time, so a 15 minute session will be approximately 14 minutes of hands on time.
Does knead do one time events?
Yes! Press events, company parties, sample sales, popup product launches, summits, conferences, fundraisers—book us and we’re there.
Can my company get knead on a regular schedule?
Yes!  knead partners with HR professionals, building managers, and other clients to set up our plug-and-play recurring service. We make it very easy for companies to work with us. We not only handle all scheduling and payments—we provide marketing materials the host can send out to the recipients, including a link to scheduling and payment.
How do I change or cancel an appointment?
You can change or cancel your appointment any time before it starts by clicking on the link in your confirmation email.  For participant paid events, changes and cancellations 12 hours in advance are free of charge. If you cancel less than 12 hours before your appointment start time, the entire fee will be forfeited.
How do I pay for my service?
Checking out has never been easier! Book and pay online with your credit card.
Does knead offer gift certificates?
Yes!  We can provide them to a point person, or include them in the booking page so managers can buy them for their team.
What if I’m early for a massage appointment?
If you have an upcoming appointment, your  massage therapist will signal when they are ready. We will do our best to stay on schedule so your wait time will be minimal.
What regions do you serve?
Coming to a city near you! knead currently serves the majority of major cities around the country.
How do you select your therapists and instructors?
We personally screen all potential candidates to ensure they are aligned with the knead vision.  Additionally, we perform background checks and all of our massage therapists are licensed in the state in which they practice.