Improved wellness at work can improve the bottom line. Giving employees productive downtime in their often hectic schedules helps them use their working hours more effectively. When stress is lowered and the aches and pains that come from tension are eased away by skilled healing touch, employees stay healthier, perform better and benefit from an enhanced sense of job satisfaction.

If you’re thinking of starting an employee wellness program at your company, knead can provide a foundation. If you already have a wellness program, we can fit right into it, smoothly and efficiently. knead partners with HR departments to set up recurring appointments at offices—weekly, biweekly, or monthly.


Workers’ of the world…relax.

Short on time?
Want frequent, short duration massage, yoga or meditation without a trip to the spa or gym?
Looking for an alternative to the coffee break?

No worries. knead delivers relaxation that fits your schedule, wallet, life. Forward our contact information to your HR or office management. Or, if you’d like us to help, click on the contact us button below and drop us a line-we’d be happy to reach out directly to the right management contact.

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Employers can offer our services free to employees, split the fee with them—or offer it as a ‘in office’ perk that employees pay for themselves.